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National Safety Month: USG Puts Safety First

For 120-years, USG has placed a priority on safety. And it’s a commitment that has continued since our early standing as a charter members of the National Safety Council, in 1913. While safety is paramount in the construction industry, it goes further than just hardhats and steel-toed boots. It should be the responsibility of every construction manufacturer to go above and beyond to ensure that the products and solutions they offer are safe on both the jobsite and the manufacturing floor.

Putting Safety First

As a leader in the industry, USG promotes a culture of “Safety First” that permeates at every level of manufacturing, from the sourcing of raw materials to the eventual transportation and use of products at the jobsite. This is why we actively monitor safety breakthroughs across industries to learn from and apply to our own methods of work.

USG is very sensitive to materials that are harmful to humans. When cosmetics brands began to remove talc from their products, USG acted and made the right choice to remove talc from our products as well. Not only did this ensure that USG customers would not be exposed to this potentially harmful ingredient, but it also makes sure that our plant workers are not exposed either.

In fact, every adjustment of a formulation can be traced back to making products that uphold our safety commitment to our customers, as well as our employees. At USG, we champion safety across the company and on the jobsite:

  • We actively work to incorporate green chemistry into our formulations to reduce waste, conserve energy, and replace hazardous materials.
  • We review the integrity of our raw material supply to verify its safety and quality.
  • We routinely monitor for exposures related to the manufacture and use of our products.
  • We develop and communicate procedures designed to ensure our products are used safely.
  • We work to create products that solve construction needs and mitigate safety challenges.