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    Have you ever worked on a job with no money to do anything exceptional?  Or worse, the "really exceptional" parts of your design have been value engineered away?  Did you ever get stuck with repetitive, low budget, "bread and butter" jobs that have become more tedious than challenging?

    Don’t lose interest and fall into the dungeons of  "design lethargy"!  

    Take a fresh look at what you DO have to work with, and then attack your p

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    Concrete alternative developed at MIT

    The Circular Economy

    When you think of a supply chain for a manufacturer, you typically think of the process of sourcing raw materials, transporting them to the manufacturing location, making the products, packaging and finally transporting to the consumer. Looking at the entire value chain, this could be extended to include raw material extraction and end of life; typically, disposal in a landfill. Historically, manufacturers thought of the production process as being linear in natu

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