Acoustical Ceiling Solutions Part 4: Maximize Sound Blocking In An Office


So far, we’ve seen how acoustics impact spaces we experience in our everyday lives including in hospitals, stores and schools. Now, learn how acoustics affect us at work. 

Mrs. Smith is an attorney. In her office, sound absorption and sound blocking are important to maintain the confidentiality of her clients. Clients and attorneys in adjacent offices or hallways should not be able to hear what is being discussed in her office. The solution? Install USG Mars™ High NRC .90/30 to maximize both sound absorption and blocking.

Learn more about USG Mars™ High-NRC/High-CAC Acoustical Panels.

It’s clear that acoustics impact all the places in which we live, work and play, and it’s critical to use a balanced approach when selecting which ceiling panels to install. A combination of moderate sound absorption (NRC) and high sound attenuation (CAC) has proven to be one of the best overall solutions.

Learn more about the expanded USG Ceilings Solutions portfolio, which includes high NRC and CAC properties, here:

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