Floating Solar Panels and Creative Mojo in this Week’s Round Up 11/2/15 – 11/6/15

Solar Panels

Floating solar panels have been constructed in Japan and the U.K. When do you think this new technology will cross the pond and be utilized in the U.S.? This, and more, in this week’s round up of building and construction news.

Construction Begins On Europe’s Largest Floating Solar Plant

Drones vs. Cranes

Meet the Future of 3D-Printed Buildings

How BIM is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Creative Mojo

Your workspace could be killing your creative mojo. Tips for getting your creative juices flowing, and more, in this week’s round up of architecture and design news.

Is Sitting at Work Killing Your Creative Mojo?

World Architecture Festival: What Does it Take to Become the World Building of the Year?

Julien Lanoo: On the Essence of Architecture