A Kilometer High Tower and Using Lessons from Space to Design an Efficient Building in this Week’s Round Up 11/30/15 – 12/4/15


Saudi Arabia plans for a $1.23 billion dollar project—a tower that reaches 1 kilometer into the air. This, and more, in the Weekly Round Up of building and construction industry news.

Saudi Arabia to Build World's Tallest Tower, Reaching 1 Kilometer into the Sky

Building Towards a Circular Economy in Construction

Construction Concerns: Appearance


There's a building in Mountain View, Calif., where energy-saving technologies of the future are being tried on for size. Learn about this project, and more, in this week’s round up of architecture and design industry news.

NASA Uses Lessons From Space to Design an Efficient Building

Architecture Builds on the Intricate Structure of Bone

"Boomboxes” Are Pop-Up Retail Shops that their Designers Hope will Enliven Chicago’s Streets