Essentials for all Construction Businesses, Architects’ Desires for 2016, and more in this Week’s Round Up 1/18/16 – 1/22/16


Five of the 10 fastest growing industries for small businesses are involved in construction and contracting. By planning ahead and taking a few considerations into account before starting a job, you’re sure to turn your business into a successful one. In this week’s round up of building and construction industry news, you’ll learn a few essentials for construction businesses to keep in mind, and more. Read on:

Four Essentials For All Construction Businesses

Green Business Certification, BEE Sign Pact to Promote Energy Efficiency in Building Sector

The Green Grading Scale

Four Steps to Earning Credibility with Your Employees


With January drawing to a close, architects are still keeping top of mind what they would like to see in 2016. These projections, and more, in this week’s round up of architecture and design industry news.

50 Architects Tell Us What They Are Looking Forward to in 2016

How Working with a Nonprofit Changed My View of Architecture

Canada’s Next Top Architect

The Diversity Imperative