Launching the New Year Right – Part I

Launching the New Year Right – Part I

By Linda McGovern, Senior Vice President Marketing
USG Corporation 

Linda McGovern

Happy New Year!

As you jump into the New Year and new projects, let’s develop a plan of action to ensure the year starts off right. 

Expectations are rising. Project timelines are getting shorter. Time to keep abreast of new  constraints also adds to your stress. 

USG would like to help you minimize some of these challenges. 

In today’s connected world, we all have so much more access to information from many different channels. Long gone are the days of relying on the printed trade publication. In addition to printed magazines and newspapers, now we have emails, online newsletters, social media sites and dozens of additional forms of information arriving in our inboxes on a daily basis. How do you sift through the clutter and find time to focus on what’s important? What are your priorities and what are the immediate tasks at hand? Stay focused and trust reliable sources. 

Content for Building Professionals

Over the years, USG has conducted market research with architects, designers, contractors and distributors. Many have told us there just aren’t enough hours in the day to read through everything that comes across their desks and inboxes. The challenge is to present the right information at the right time, the way our audiences wish to receive it. Communicate the important stuff and eliminate the fluff. Most would argue the content prepared and delivered is important, but maybe not at the particular time you receive it.

In reading through a number of printed trade journals that came in the mail, I saw a number of consistent industry themes: 

• Construction spending is on the rise for commercial, residential and R&R

• Contractors have a backlog of jobs and a shortage of skilled labor

• Rising prices of rental properties will help drive first time home buying 

• Energy efficient buildings are becoming more commonplace

• Building owners want their properties turned over more quickly and on budget

• Technology is now being incorporated into more building materials, such as charging stations in counter tops

These are just a few examples and there are plenty more. Let’s not forget about the basic industry focuses such as good design, quality materials, building and on-the-job construction safety, budgets, owner satisfaction, and high-performing buildings. 

In this world of increasing demands, to keep yourself at the top of your game, take time to prioritize what information is important to current jobs now as well as upcoming jobs in the pipeline. Invest the time to research and study trends, new products, case studies, and importantly continuing education credits. 

Here’s to a successful 2016. 

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