Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, and more, in this Week’s Round Up 2/22/16 – 2/26/16


Augmented reality enables a person to take a virtual stroll through a house, hotel lobby, skyscraper — and even the tank of a giant aquarium — before one shovel ever hits the ground. Learn more about augmented reality and its impact on the construction industry, and more, in this week’s round up of building and construction industry news.

Why Virtual Reality's ‘Democratization' Could Transform the Construction Industry

How Will Automation Change the Face of Contracting?

World Green Building Expected to Double in Three Years



Meet the 3D printing pen that – with the help of acrylic rods – can construct large and complex architectural structures. This, and more, in this week’s round up of architecture and design industry news.

Tokyo Students Develop 3D Printing Pen That Can Make Large, Complex Architectural Structures

Vincent Callebaut’s “Garden Towers” Bring the Power of Nature to Urban India

Santiago Calatrava’s World Trade Center Transit Terminal to Quietly Open Next Week