Tips for starting out on your own, new resilience curriculum for architects, and more, in this Week’s Round Up 5/16/16 – 5/20/16


Transitioning from crew member to independent contractor is a big step. Thinking about making the leap and going out on your own? Tips to keep in mind, and more, in this week’s round up of building and construction industry news on the USG Build It Blog. 

Thinking About Going Out On Your Own? Tips for Starting Out

NYC Subway Station Lights the Way for 300,000 Riders a Day

The Building Sector’s ‘Trillion-Dollar’ Circular Economy Opportunity

build-it-blog-photo-05-20-2016 will enhance architects’ access to resilient design resources. This, and more, in this week’s round up of architecture and design industry news, on the USG Build It Blog. 

AIA to Create New Resilience Curriculum for Architects

Interlocking Boulding Blocks Offer “Limitless Possibilities” for Construction 

Inside Look: Facebook Opens New Seattle Office as Regional Employment Reaches 1,000 People