Determining the Best Building Envelope, a Floating Building, and more, in this Week’s Round Up 10/24/16 – 10/28/16


This laboratory is working to develop a tool for builders to determine the best wall assemblies for specific projects. It measures performance indicators, including the risk of wood decay, mold, mildew and other factors that would impact IAQ. Learn more about this tool, and more, in this week’s round up of building and construction industry news.

Determining the Best Building Envelope 

FAA Issues Rules for Commercial Drone Use

How Project Management Tech can Boost Communication Transparency


This courthouse in downtown Los Angeles was designed to appear as if it were floating one story above ground level. Take a virtual tour of the building, and read other industry articles, in this week’s round up of architecture and design news.

Take a Virtual Trip Inside Downtown’s new U.S. Courthouse, a Glass Cube that Seems to Float in Mid-Air 

MIT Collaborates with DDI for a new Undergraduate Institution Focused on Design

Microsoft Unveils the Surface Studio, a 28-Inch Touch-Screen Drawing Board