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    The goal of all fire-resistant assembly designs is to mitigate risk, saving lives and property. By having an understanding of the latest wallboard technologies, you can avoid costly re-work and delays, as well as control safety risks within the construction environment. Read on to learn characteristics and uses of fire-resistant wallboard.

    When it comes to specifying a roofing project, roof cover boards typically don’t make it into the plan. Architects and specifiers usually cite immediate project costs as the reason for not including roof cover boards, but research shows that the long-term costs of not including these products can be far greater.

    Balancing a modern look with the warmth of raw building materials has been an ever-growing trend in interior design. Millennial tastes are driving this development; while Millennials look for sleek lines and modern amenities in their homes, they also crave rustic touches

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    Controlling mold requires careful design, proper construction and thorough maintenance, all of which aim to manage one basic factor: moisture. One method is to include moisture- and mold-resistant wallboard in the building design. Check out the following graphic that explains why wallboard should be a part of your moisture and mold solution.


    Sometimes the ultimate way to transform a space is to make your mark where it’s least expected—by turning an ordinary ceiling or wall into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

    Enter USG Pixels® Metal Ceiling Panels and USG Pixels® Wall Mounted Panels. These unique panels have versatility designed into their very core, from the visuals you create with them, to how you can install them in your space. And versatility is exactly why USG Pixels® was created; the product gives architects and designe

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