Discovering USG Pixels® Metal Ceiling Panels and USG Pixels® Wall Mounted Panels: What You Need to Know about These Innovative Panels

Sometimes the ultimate way to transform a space is to make your mark where it’s least expected—by turning an ordinary ceiling or wall into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Enter USG Pixels® Metal Ceiling Panels and USG Pixels® Wall Mounted Panels. These unique panels have versatility designed into their very core, from the visuals you create with them, to how you can install them in your space. And versatility is exactly why USG Pixels® was created; the product gives architects and designers the ability to customize a ceiling or wall by adding a distinctive image to it, making the space they’re designing look entirely unique.

But there is a lot more to USG Pixels® than eye-catching imagery. Here are a few of the key factors that make the product so exceptional.

  1. With USG Pixels®, the possibilities are endless
    While there’s no limit to the range of designs that can be rendered on USG Pixels® panels, the opportunities for customization don’t end there. USG Pixels® is created by perforating aluminum panels with hundreds of different-sized holes to create the chosen image, and architects and designers can choose between three different resolutions based on aesthetic or budget considerations. Images can be positive for use with backerboard or negative for use with energy-efficient LED backlighting.

    Customers can also choose between flat white and silver satin finishes for the metal itself. Lastly, there’s no limit to the size of the image, or of the ceiling or wall that can be covered with USG Pixels®. This creates an endless array of possibilities for design into the panels, from company logos, to historic photographs, to city skylines.

  2. Making USG Pixels® is a marriage of programmable technology and design
    Peder Gulbrandsen, Product Designer at USG, said, “There has always been a need for customization in ceiling and wall design, but that can be hard to do with a mass-produced product. When we make USG Pixels® we really do customize the design by order.”

    In order to help architects and designers achieve the customized designs they wanted, USG had to innovate the way it integrated programmable technology into the manufacturing process. The USG sales team works with clients to concept their designs and the images they want on the panels. Specs for those images are then taken to the Ceilings Solutions Group and manufacturing teams, where designs are drawn up and sent on for processing by the plant.

    “The way we execute USG Pixels® is really unique to metal processing,” said Gulbrandsen. “When you look at the technology we use, it’s like a printing process, only we’re actually perforating the designs into the metal.”

  3. USG Pixels® can be used for both ceiling and wall design
    When designs are perforated onto USG Pixels®, it can be done in one of two ways: on one larger, continuous panel, or throughout multiple contiguous panels. The former is an excellent choice for installing on a wall as a mural element, and the latter makes sense for use as a ceiling covering.

    Gulbrandsen finds that more customers are actually choosing USG Pixels® for wall fixtures. However, if an architect or designer is planning a customized, high-end design space like a retail store, lobby, civic building, or airport, the sleek visual effect of USG Pixels® over a ceiling or large wall is sure to be a stunner.

You can find more information on USG Pixels® specifications and uses, as well as inspiration on how to use the product on our ceiling panel and wall-mounted panel product pages.