USG True® Wood Renditions™ Ceiling Panels: Art Meets Modern Ceiling Design

Balancing a modern look with the warmth of raw building materials has been an ever-growing trend in interior design. Millennial tastes are driving this development; while Millennials look for sleek lines and modern amenities in their homes, they also crave rustic touches like real wood. This trend has recently extended beyond homes into offices, restaurants and hotels.

USG has been helping designers stay on top of this trend with products like USG True® Wood Ceiling Panels. This year, USG enhanced that popular product by adding unique design elements with the new USG True® Wood Renditions™ Ceiling Panels—a product that merges the beauty of natural wood with artful design.

There really isn’t another product on the market quite like True Wood Renditions (TWR) panels, and here are a few reasons why.

  1. TWR is made for total design freedom

    With eight different design motifs, eight natural wood veneers and many ways to rotate and position the panels, TWR offers endless creative possibilities. “Not a lot of ceilings products exist out there that are meant to be installed as works of art,” said Mahony. “But we try to make it easy to achieve.”

    It’s also easier to plan a custom design solution than one might think. Mahony said, “We wanted the design process to be easy for architects and interior designers, so we created an online grid design system where they can plan their project.” Once that design is input, the manufacturers at USG ensure that the grain of the wood veneers aligns to make installation easy.

  2. The patterns on TWR are inspired by famous designs

    There are eight distinct patterns on the 2’x2’ TWR panels. Some are made of swirls, others boxes, and some deco design elements. While they all look very different, they share one thing in common: the designs are loosely inspired by renowned architects.

    “We wanted to tailor this product to the taste of our architect and interior design community,” said Scott Mahony, Ceilings Product Designer at USG. “We thought that by taking inspiration from famous architects, the product would resonate with our customers.”

    Currently, there are no other wood veneers ceiling panels on the market that offer unique design elements like TWR.

  3. Did we mention they are sustainable?

    TWR are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified. The FSC ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, economic and social benefits. It also confirms that certified products are being culled, transported and produced ethically. For every tree cut for lumber, another tree is planted. Since USG has a strong company commitment to sustainability, it was important to the Ceilings product team that TWR fall in line with all True Wood products.

For more information on TWR, as well as design ideas, inspiration and resources to help you design your ceiling project, visit the True Wood Renditions product page.