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    Commercial and institutional buildings have high-traffic areas where many people and objects pass through, making them prone to scraping and bumping, and therefore, damage. If the materials used aren’t durable, the condition of the walls quickly deteriorates resulting in underperforming surfaces, increased maintenance costs and potential safety issues. Read on to learn how wallboard with abuse-resistant properties can extend the life of a structure.

    Loft offices with exposed overhead structures, and no ceilings, are all the rage these days, but they aren’t the best in terms of acoustics. In fact, workers in open spaces face an average of one noise interruption every 11 minutes,
    1 which negatively affects their productivity.

    Watch this video to learn how you can create beautiful designs that both showcase the architecture of a space and use balanced acoustics to ensure a productive workplace.


    The city of Milwaukee is situated along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. This location makes it enjoyable during warm months—a cool breeze along the lakefront makes for a perfect summer day. However, winter turns this cool breeze into gusts of wind and lake-effect snow, making it unfavorable weather for residents.

    It was this climate that prompted the design team of the new Westin hotel to specify a product that met the building’s high performance standards while ensuring hassle-free instal

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