Three Tips for Roofers to Increase Efficiency


To ensure roofing projects are completed on time, roofers should be prepared for a variety of challenges that might slow them down. A few examples are the loss of tools, incorrectly sized panels and time-consuming installation.

Read on for three ways roofers can ensure they’re working with maximum efficiency and reducing the risk of job-site challenges.

1. Keep Tools Organized

Staying organized is key to maintaining efficiency during a project; it’s all too common to be in the middle of a job and not have a hammer or fastener remover at the ready. Consider investing in a good tool belt and gear that make organization easy. Once a project is complete, take time to survey your inventory and ensure you can account for all your tools.

2. Precut Your Panels

Taking the time to measure and cut panels before installation begins will make the process quick and ensure accuracy. It’s much easier to install boards that are already cut to the appropriate size rather than stopping to cut each panel prior to fastening.

3. Use Panels That Require Fewer Fasteners

Using roofing products that require fewer fasteners speeds up the installation process. It also decreases the amount of money spent on fasteners, reducing overall project costs. USG cover boards are unique because they require fewer fasteners than competitive boards while delivering exceptional performance.

Check out the infographic below to see exactly how much time and money can be saved on a job with USG cover boards: