Two Contemporary Mediterranean Baths Custom Pampering Bath Project Profile

When home renovators seek high-performance tile substrates to provide stability, superior adhesion and versatile workability, many look to USG Durock® Brand Cement Board to support their beautiful tile installations and finishes. For three bathroom renovations in Florida, this water-durable and mold-resistant product made all the difference.

Beyond just supporting tile flooring, USG Durock® Brand panels were used to support marble slabs on walls, ceilings, benches, even a custom towel stack, giving architects the freedom to create stunning designs that appealed to the high-class tastes of these beach-bound clients. 

USG Durock® Brand Cement Board is warranted for 30 years against defects resulting from water penetration, meaning the three bathroom renovations are guaranteed to last.

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Main Products Used

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People Involved

Barry Sugerman, PA, AIA Architect

Project Scope

Mediterranean-themed bathroom with three-dimensional design, multiple tile types

Custom bathroom with marble-enclosed features

Special Factors

Custom-designed tile and marble features.