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Citicorp Center Project Profile

At 915 feet, the Citicorp Center — home to one of the nation's largest banks — is one of the tallest buildings in the world. The remarkable 160-foot crown atop distinguishes the Citicorp Center as one of the more unique structures as well. The Manhattan building's aesthetically pleasing exterior is matched by its high-performance, durable and ultimately functional interior.

To construct the building's core, architects used USG® Cavity Shaft Wall and USG® Vent Shaft in multiple areas, including enclosures used for the elevator, stairs and mechanical shafts as well as telephone closets and other spaces requiring a two-hour fire rating.

Together the systems helped builders construct the mammoth building's core almost entirely of drywall, minimizing weight and significantly impacting the amount of steel required in the structural design.

Main Products Used

Cavity Shaft Wall System

People Involved

Emery Roth & Sons, P.C. Architect

Project Scope

59-Story, 915-Ft.-Tall Building

Special Factors

Reduce interior weight. Two-hour fire-rated enclosures.