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Crissy Field Environmental Education Facility Project Profile

A major public works project required the Crissy Field Center in San Francisco, California, to temporarily relocate from its original location. Even though the building would be a temporary home for the center, there were high expectations for a sustainable design and the building was expected to qualify for US Green Building Council LEED® Gold Certification. 

The design for the building was done by Project FROG (Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth) who specializes in sustainable design. SECUROCK® Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board was chosen because it is manufactured from a combination of synthetic gypsum and cellulose fibers and is made from 95 percent recycled materials. It provides an exceptional bond and low surface absorption with no risk of facer delamination. Due to the building's proximity to the San Francisco Bay, another important feature of SECUROCK® Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board was its mold and moisture resistance. 

The finished building was 100 percent recyclable and when the Crissy Field Center moves back to its original location, the building could possibly be relocated and reused.  

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People Involved

Project FROG Architect

Steve Kolos, LEED AP for Fisher Development, Inc. General Contractor

Josh Barthel, Alliance Roofing California Contractor

Project Scope

7,500 square-foot

10,000 square-foot roof assembly

Special Factors

Project needed to be a model of sustainability. Located in close proximity to saltwater and San Francisco Bay. Numerous angles on the multiple roof areas that were small and odd-shaped.