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Eurocast Architectural Stone Project Profile

When Bo Snell and Dennis Christensen partnered to found their precast fireplace mantel company, Eurocast Architectural Stone Manufacturing Inc., the two committed to innovative manufacturing processes to help differentiate themselves within the industry. This meant everything was up for grabs, including changing the baseline material traditionally used to construct precast fireplace mantels.

Snell and Christensen consulted with USG on some of the novel technologies available for the precast mantel marketplace, ultimately deciding to use gypsum in their processes instead of portland cement. And, the difference was immediate. When compared to portland cement, gypsum offers a better consistency, quicker drying and set time, lighter weight products, and a higher degree of color matching to ensure client satisfaction.

After partnering with USG, Eurocast saw three straight years of 100 percent annual growth, expanded its manufacturing facility from 5,000 to 40,000 sq. ft., and consistently uses the ENDURACAST™ Gypsum Matrix to streamline production and produce highly detailed, professional products.

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Main Products Used

Enduracast™ Gypsum Matrix

People Involved

Eurocast Architectural Stone Manufacturing Inc. Manufacturer

Project Scope

Custom-designed products for residential constructions

Special Factors

Business expansion requires product weight reduction. Customers require high degree of color and consistency matching.