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First Federal Savings & Loan Association Office Building Project Profile

For crews working on the new construction that would be the nine-story First Federal Savings & Loan Association office building, installing the freight elevator shaft meant the need to work quickly and reduce the structure's weight. After comparing systems, architects decided to deploy USG® Cavity Shaft Wall Systems and USG® Exterior Curtain Wall rather than the traditional concrete block method.

Doing so resulted in phenomenal success. Using the system allowed crews to eliminate most masonry loads from the steel-frame structural system. The rapid-application advantages of cavity shaft wall enabled workers to close in eight floors of the shaft in about ten working days.

Architects for the project achieved the desired aesthetic while reducing costs, time and enough overall weight to be able to add two floors to the design after construction began.

Main Products Used

Cavity Shaft Wall System

People Involved

Freeman, Wells & Major Architectural Firm

Project Scope

Nine-Story  Building

Special Factors

Weight reduction integral to structural completion.