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Golf Course Fairways, Rough and Tees Project Profile

Sometimes USG products are found in places you would not expect, like the fairway of a golf course. USG™ 500 Landplaster is an ideal product for use on golf course tee, rough and fairway.  It is an excellent, readily available source of gypsum that offers a highly effective, environmentally-friendly solution for remediation of soil-related problems associated with high clay content, compaction and/or high sodium content.

USG™ 500 Landplaster is a natural mineral product that is quarried, then crushed to a size that offers superior performance in broadcast applications and “time release” of calcium and sulfate sulfur without significantly affecting soil pH. It improves soil structure, reduces surface crusting and aids water penetration/absorption, plus it is 150 times more soluble than limestone (calcium carbonate). 

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Main Products Used

Industrial Ground Gypsum

Special Factors

Helps soil with clay content. Compaction and high sodium content. Water and oxygen absorption.