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Grapevine Mills Project Profile

Grapevine Mills was the first megamall of its kind in Texas and the Southwest. When building the mall's 60,000 square-foot entertainment complex, the owners were looking to create a design for the ceiling, corridor and floor that would excite and thrill their customers. 

The design firm Duncan & Miller set to achieving this goal using the Curvature™ 3-D ceiling system. Taking advantage of the system's wide variety of panel materials, grid colors and three-dimensional designs, the firm set to create an effect that can only be described as a huge light-and-sound show. This was achieved by hanging ceiling panels at various heights so they could mingle with other large forms such as colorfully painted boxes and hooded light fixtures. 

The result was a high energy space where visitors might feel the urge to dance if they could just take their eyes off the ceiling.

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People Involved

Duncan & Miller Design Firm

Project Scope

60,000 square-feet

Special Factors

24 foot high ceilings were an obstacle to creating an intimate space