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High-Performance Off-Site Building Project Profile

An industry trend toward factory-built residential constructions means builders are seeking to develop the most high-quality, professionally built homes on the market. To stay true to its high-end customers, Indiana-based off-site building company Pinnacle Building Systems uses only the most quality products to complete its constructions. 

Pinnacle trusts USG Sheetrock® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Drywall Bead and Trim for all interior and exterior corners and for revealing specific details in its constructions. The product's superior performance and durability can help ensure crack-free corners in averse conditions, including traveling 60 mph to its home site. 

Using high-performance materials in off-site construction keeps contractors from worrying about corner performance and focused on the more detailed features of their high-end homes.

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People Involved

Pinnacle Building Systems Off-Site Builder

Project Scope

Single-Family, Off-Site Constructions

Special Factors

High-end clientele. Transportation of off-site constructions requires superior strength.