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Hotel Lafayette Project Profile

In its prime, the Hotel Lafayette was considered one of the 15 finest hotels in the country. But after years of neglect, many of the features that made the more than a century old hotel so unique had been replaced with paint, low-cost tiling and drop ceilings.

This all changed however when Rocco Termini of Signature Development took over the property with a vision to restore the hotel to its former glory, making it a destination of the utmost luxury and convenience. Setting an ambitious timetable of only one year for the entirety of the $42,000,000 project, contractor R&P Oak Hill and drywall subcontractor Gypsum Systems recommended a change to the newly released SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30. This lightweight and easy to maneuver drywall was the time saver needed to meet the tight deadlines of the project.

With its doors opened on time, the newly reborn Hotel Lafayette is a celebration of Buffalo's past and future as well as an amazing symbol of the revitalization the downtown area of Buffalo is beginning to experience.

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People Involved

R&P Oak Hill Contractor

Carmina Woods Architect Firm

Gypsum Systems Subcontractor

Special Factors

Tight deadlines with events booked before the project was underway

Project Cost