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Houston Criminal Justice Center Project Profile

The Harris County Criminal Justice Center is quite the courthouse. The 43-courtroom, 21-floor, 80,000-sq. ft. construction included installing 60,000 sq. ft. of drop drywall ceiling and 90,000 linear feet of interior walls. The post-modern building with classical overtones features buff-colored precast concrete exterior panels with notched corners and dignified interior hallways and courtrooms with marble wall tiling.

To match the building's interior elegance, architects called for curved ceilings. Around the same time, the USG® Drywall Suspension System was released, making the ceiling decisions easy for architects. The system offers a better, faster and less expensive way to install drop drywall ceilings and allows panels to be assembled virtually seamlessly.

After countless walk-throughs by architects, attorneys and judges, not a single flaw could be found.

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Main Products Used

Drywall Suspension System

People Involved

Manhattan Construction Company General Contractor

Project Scope

800,000 sq.ft.

90,000 Lineal Feet of Interior Walls 

Project Cost

$70 million