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Industry Expert's Retirement Home Project Profile

With 40 years of experience in the industry, Bob Daniels knows about professional flooring products and installations. So when this former executive director of the Tile Council of America looked to tile his three-story, 8,200-sq.-ft. waterfront retirement home outside of Charleston, South Carolina, he made sure the job was done right.

Daniels' European-style home is built to withstand hurricane winds and flooding, with a ground floor raised seven feet above the area's 500-year flood plain. For his flooring installation, Daniels and his contractor Michael Byrne installed FIBEROCK® tile backerboard and underlayment products to achieve a high density flooring capable of supporting a variety of stone finishes. The fiber-reinforced gypsum flooring solutions cut down on product weight without sacrificing strength, are water-resistant and can be cut using the score and snap method to cut down on mess and installation time.

The crew installed nearly 300 sheets of FIBEROCK® underlayment panels to support and confidently adhere Daniels' new travertine floors. 

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People Involved

Bob Daniels Home Owner, Former Executive Director, Tile Council of America

Michael Byrne Contractor

Project Scope

8,200 sq. ft.

Three-story elevated home

Special Factors

Large floor runs in and out of multiple rooms. Coastal home in hurricane and flood-prone area.