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Michigan Log Cabin Vacation Home Project Profile

Building a log cabin in Michigan can come with inherent problems, such as keeping itself affordably warm during the extended winter months. For one Chicago couple, building their 3,300-sq.-ft. vacation cabin in Michigan meant ensuring winter warmth within a stunningly designed open floorplan that limited the use of ceiling ducts.

To help meet the design and performance requirements for their new construction, the couple paired radiant heat flooring with USG Levelrock® Brand RH (Radiant Heat) Floor Underlayment. At 2500 psi, the underlayment is harder than competitive products, meaning the couple did not have to install additional cement board prior to installing flooring throughout the home. 

Installing the underlayment saved valuable time on the 13-month construction, allowed the couple to install flooring directly on top of the underlayment, and proved to be an ideal solution for protecting and locking the radiant heat tubes into place.

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People Involved

S & S Poured Floors LEVELROCK® Applicator

Royal Radiant Heat RH System Installer

Rocky Mountain Log Homes Home Designer

Project Scope


Log cabin

Special Factors

Time and budget limitations. Open design limited use of duct work. Underlayment needed to work with multiple flooring types.