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Morton Elementary School Project Profile

The entrance corridor of Morton Elementary School had an arched ceiling that started outside the building and ran through and past the entrance. The entrance also had hard floors and glass and brick walls, so noise during busy times of the day was a concern.  

The architect needed to introduce some sound absorption without compromising the architecture of the structure. The arched ceiling was constructed with steel framing and USG Sheetrock® Brand Gypsum Panels screwed to drywall furring channels. USG® Acoustical Plaster Finish was spray applied over the finished drywall to a thickness of 1/2 inch supplying the needed sound absorption as well as fire resistance. 

With the proper spray equipment, the product was easy to apply, and in the end it made a big difference not only in the appearance of the space, but the sound too.

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People Involved

John F. Swindell, Fanning/Howey Assoc. Inc Architect

Larry Kleckner, Kleckner Interior Systems Inc. Subcontractor

Special Factors

Sound absorption for an area with hard floors and glass and brick walls