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National Gallery of Art Project Profile

The West Building of the National Gallery of Art (NGA) was built in the 1930's and last underwent renovations in the 70's. Today the NGA has more art to display, more visitors to accommodate and a greater need for sturdy, dependable interior walls.

The renovations to the West Building's interior were complex, consisting of GRG niches, coves and window eyelids among other factors. The plaster walls, both new and patchwork, had to be integrated with finish millwork and some wood paneling bought by the gallery from a chateau in France. To achieve the look the gallery wanted, a veneer plaster system featuring IMPERIAL® Basecoat, Structo-Gauge® Gauging Plaster and lime finish was applied.

Use of a two-coat veneer plaster resulted in a significant upgrade to the look and feel of the walls without sacrificing performance.

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People Involved

C.J. Coakley Contractor

Project Scope

35,000 square-feet

Special Factors

Complex renovations necessary on GRG niches, coves, window eyelids and comices.