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Philadelphia Post Office Project Profile

After 73 years of dedicated service, Philadelphia's iconic post office closed its doors in 2009. The certified historic building then began its transformation into a showcase office for the Internal Revenue Service. Over the years, a variety of flooring types had been built on top of the post office's original wood flooring, causing leveling inconsistencies and widespread across the now exposed concrete substructure.

The five-story, 950,000-sq.-ft. structure required a significant flooring rehabilitation that adhered to a strict flatness tolerance of 1/4 in. for every 10 feet. A team of flooring specialists conducted tests of multiple flooring option, ultimately deciding to install LEVELROCK® 3500 Floor Underlayment for its versatility and strength in light commercial and renovation projects. The cementitious poured underlayment could be applied directly to the concrete substructures in thickness of up to 3 in., delivering superior flatness and strength for the new floor. 

Flooring experts exceeded the flatness tolerance required for the building and over-delivered on strength tests, ensuring longevity even under the heavy foot traffic of the building's new occupants. 

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people involved

Brandywine Realty Trust, Owner

Keating Development Group, Construction Manager

Creative Surfaces Inc., LEVELROCK® Applicator

Alcorp Marketing Inc., LEVELROCK® Servicer

project scope

Five floors

950,000 sq. ft.

special factors

Certified historic, 73-year-old building with original, damaged concrete substructure. Strict flatness tolerance standards. Tight project deadline.

project cost