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Regent Auditorium Project Profile

The Regent Auditorium educational facility in Pensacola, Florida was a ground breaking project in design and construction methods for domes, curved barrel vaults and a huge saw-tooth suspended ceiling. The building has a scallop shell-shape, and there are only twelve 90-degree corners in the whole structure.

Originally, the architect specified curved drywall ceilings and vaulted corridors, hoping the contractor could fabricate them. The contractor made the recommendation to the architect and general contractor to modify the design and use the dome system. The USG domes application is part of a larger product family—the USG Drywall Suspension System. This system reduces time spent measuring, bending, cutting and connecting radius components. The system suspends with 12-gauge hanger wire rather than 9-gauge wire. The result is a fast installation done at a greatly reduced cost.

In addition to the dome ceilings, Regent Auditorium also features 2,100 lineal feet of barrel vaulted ceilings. Since the vault radius was not a standard size, USG accommodated the architectural drawings and manufactured custom curved main tees.  A two-man crew was able to hang prefabricated main tees and snap in cross tees in four hours—instead of an estimated five days.  

Besides the dome and barrel vault ceilings, crews installed DUROCK® Brand Cement Board on bathroom walls, tapers worked SHEETROCK® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Corner Bead into various walls and soffits. Outside, hangers installed FIBEROCK® Brand Sheathing with AQUA-TOUGH™ in carports and finishers topped the panels with a direct-applied stucco-like coating.

In the end, the contractor marveled at the work that was done with USG’s help. In all, 19 domes were erected that added beautiful architectural elements to long hallways.  The ceiling crews had never worked with anything like the dome system before and yet, the efficiency of the pre-engineered and prefabricated system shaved over 100 man-hours off the installation. He wonders whether the architectural world will ever be the same.  

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People Involved

Strobel & Hunter Inc. Architectural Firm

Acousti Engineering Interiors Contractor

Kenneth Nielsen Manager Acousti Engineering

Steven Capps Project Manager/Estimator Acousti Engineering

Donnie Holley Chief Foreman Acousti Engineering

Project Scope


215,000 square feet of ceiling grid

Special Factors

Dome ceiling and barrel vaults.

Project Cost

$90 million