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Stonebridge Condominiums Project Profile

The owner of the Stonebridge Condominiums in Cleveland, Ohio was looking for a high-quality, total package framing system that included the flooring application. Following the advice of a contractor, he chose to use TradeReady® Floor System combined with LEVELROCK® CSD® Floor Underlayment.  The owner was thrilled when the floors were done ahead of schedule, saving him valuable time and money. 

Other owners and contractors in Ohio have chosen LEVELROCK® CSD® Floor Underlayment for their projects because it provides 3500 to 4500 psi compressive strength, is UL listed, has sound attenuation properties and lowers the overall weight of the building.  

LEVELROCK® CSD® Floor Underlayment was also used in Parkview Condominiums, Columbus, Ohio to deliver the look and feel of concrete and provide high performance, but with less weight and cost. 

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People Involved

Mike Whitticar, Dietrich Building Systems Subcontractor

Sherry Pymer, Pymer Plaster Subcontractor

Sherry Pymer Vice President

Project Scope

108 units

Special Factors

Owners frustrated with cost and time required for poured in place concrete flooring applications.