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TaiPei 101 Tower: World's Tallest LEED Certified Building

As a nod to Chinese tradition, TAIPEI 101 Tower was built with aspects of the culture in mind. The tower is made up of eight canted sections, a symbolic number in Chinese culture representing good luck and prosperity. The impressive height and reach of the tower is reminiscent of growing bamboo — a plant regarded as symbolic of everlasting strength.

In addition to its cultural significance, the TAIPEI 101 Tower is an impressive feat of design and construction. The eight canted sections of the TAIPEI 101 Tower are slightly inclined at seven degrees inwards providing protection against high wind damage and disasters. The tower was built to withstand typhoon winds and earthquakes, both of which are common in the surrounding area.

USG Imperial® Veneer Finish was chosen to provide a strong, abrasion-resistant interior finish. This product is durable, stable and fast finishing and is an economical choice for a variety of projects. In this build, the products and cultural elements worked together harmoniously to create one of the most monumental skyscrapers in the world.

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Products Used

Imperial® Veneer Finish