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The Brix

From Candy Company to Retail and Residences: The Brix Transformation

The history of the Ziegler Candy Company spans many decades. Founded in 1861 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by George Ziegler and his brothers-in-law, the company became famous for its five-cent Ziegler Giant Bar and various American and French confections. Additionally, the company was known for its innovative processes related to candy making, packaging and marketing. Just as these developments were crucial for the success of the Ziegler Candy Company, USG Levelrock® Brand products proved to be essential in the remodeling of this historic building.

In the summer of 2015, the Ziegler Candy Company building was transformed into a loft-style mixed use building, known as The Brix. In this project, USG Levelrock® Brand 2500 Floor Underlayment and USG Levelrock® Brand D20 Plus™ Low Profile Sound Mat were critical components in the restoration of this industrial factory. The products worked together seamlessly to transform the bare, industrial space with limited sound control, into one fit for families and singletons where noise would no longer be an issue.

150 years after its founding, the Ziegler Candy Company building transitioned into one of Milwaukee’s most desired residential spaces with 98 unique spaces in 22 distinctive floor plans. Located in the Walker’s Point neighborhood, the building attracts potential residents from all across Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs.

“Given the building’s rich history, we wanted to keep with the distinctive style of the space. USG products enabled us to add technological benefits without changing the building’s character,” said Rich Muller, Director, Business Development of Alcorp Marketing, distribution partner of USG’s Levelrock® Brand products.

“When it comes to residential construction, sound is a key consideration during the project. I have been in the underlayment business for a long time and the products used in this project are phenomenal. USG Levelrock® Brand 2500 Floor Underlayment and USG Levelrock® Brand D20 Plus™ Low Profile Sound Mat effectively alleviated the noise issue and created a space suitable for residential living.” — Mike Becker, PCS Floor Solutions

USG has expertise in multi-unit residential building, both in new construction and renovation, which made USG a great fit for the project. With a team of product experts available as an additional resource during the project, the Brix team was confident that no matter the problem, USG had a solution.

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Special Factors

Greatest Challenge 
The greatest challenge in transforming the Ziegler Candy Factory into apartment units was sound blocking. Residential construction has codes that apply to this situation. The codes require preventing sounds from the unit above from being heard below. Two USG products — USG Levelrock® Brand 2500 Floor Underlayment and USG Levelrock® Brand D20 Plus™ Low Profile Sound Mat — played a pivotal role in ensuring sound was contained appropriately. 


Product Highlight 
The fast application and fast-setting time of USG Levelrock® Brand 2500 Floor Underlayment allows for the return of light trade traffic within hours and has a smooth, crack-resistant surface. It is the industry’s most economical and highest compressive strength in class.