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The Encore Condominiums in Oregon Project Profile

Progress was slow on The Encore, a 16-floor, upscale high rise in Portland, Oregon. Asking prices on the units ranged from $350,000 to $2 million, so expectations for the finished units were as high as the price tag.  In order to ensure completely level floors for the finishes, workers were doing all the work by hand, and with a 240,000-square-foot project, it was very time-consuming.  

After consulting a flooring expert, the work was subcontracted to a company that specialized in USG LEVELROCK® Floor Underlayment. LEVELROCK® Floor Underlayment, is self leveling and fastsetting.  The flooring crew only needed two days to pour each floor of the high rise. They were able to complete the floors quickly, and the other trades were able to be back on the job the next day.  

The general contractor and owner were impressed with the compressive strength and durability of LEVELROCK® Floor Underlayment and were thrilled that the product ended up saving them time and money.  

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People Involved

Andersen Construction General Contractor

Kevin Knittel Andersen Construction Project Superintendent

BOORA Inc. Architecture Firm

Ultra Quiet Floors Subcontractor

Ed Novak Ultra Quiet Floors, Sales Estimator

Project Scope


177 units

Special Factors

High price tags require high-end finishes. Time-consuming work was pushing the timeline.