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The Flats at Union Row Project Profile

The Flats at Union Row luxury condominiums and Warehouses at Union Row, located in Washington, D.C., had uneven poured concrete that needed to be leveled before hardwood flooring could be installed. After receiving bids, the developer hired a flooring contractor to complete the repair work. After several weeks of work with little progress, the developer brought in a different subcontractor to complete the job.  

The second contractor used LEVELROCK® QUIK-TOP flooring system which features a self-drying technology that typically dries in as little as 15 hours. In addition, the product provides compressive strengths up to 6,000 psi and eliminates the need for sealing prior to floor-covering installation. With LEVELROCK® QUIK-TOP, an entire floor was completed in one day, when it took the first contractor two and a half weeks. 

Not only did the work get done faster, but the cost of the materials cost less. The developer was very happy to get the rest of the trades in working on the buildings.  

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People Involved

PN Hoffman Inc. Developer

Greg Woodard, East Coast Poured Floors Flooring Contractor

Project Scope

105,000 square feet

nine-story high rise and warehouse

Special Factors

Pressure on second contractor to complete a job the first one could not.