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The Gordon Family YMCA, Sumner, Washington

The Gordon Family YMCA is the largest state-of-the-art YMCA facility in the state of Washington. The organization believes a strong community can only be achieved when an investment is made in kids, health and neighbors.  USG is committed to helping build stronger communities and helping the people and organizations that call those communities home. And that commitment is supported by providing building solutions that make projects like the Gordon Family YMCA sustainable for the long haul. 

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Sumner, Washington is known for its rainy, wet climate — an ongoing challenge for builders to keep job sites dry and prevent floors from sinking over time, which was the case at the Gordon Family YMCA where a sunken slab needed to be fixed. During the project renovation, General Contractor, Adolfson Peterson Construction (AP), and subcontractor ComCrete, Inc. turned to USG’s flooring solution to address the sunken slab. And as the slab was outside the scope of the original plans, fixing it raised the possibility of a construction delay, which led to additional concerns.

ComCrete partnered with technical experts from USG and Alcorp Marketing, distribution partner of USG Levelrock® Brand products, to utilize a robust variety of products developed by USG that would meet the psi requirements, seal the existing slab and provide fast drying/curing time in order to keep the project on schedule. 

By using USG Durock™ Brand RH-100™ Moisture Vapor Reducer, USG Levelrock® Brand Acrylic Concrete Primer, USG Durock™ Brand Quik-Top™ Self-Leveling Underlayment, and USG Levelrock® Brand 3500 Floor Underlayments, ComCrete was able to address the moisture issues to prevent them from reoccurring and level the floors for the remainder of the build. They even completed the floor leveling scope of work in half the time, keeping the project on schedule and one step closer to putting the finishing touches on the Gordon Family YMCA. 

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People Involved

Adolfson Peterson Construction (AP) General Contractor

ComCrete, Inc. Subcontractor

Special Factors

Greatest Challenge
In the Pacific Northwest, digging down more than three feet will result in a hole filled with water due to high water tables. As a result, moisture in the foundation was the greatest concern for the project. USG partnered with ComCrete to provide a top-of-the-line moisture mitigation plan that resolved these issues with the project. 


Product Highlight 
The floor sank by more than 3 in. and required leveling. Before USG Durock™ Brand Quik-Top™ Self-Leveling Underlayment could be installed, the high moisture content of the concrete slab (over 90%) had to be addressed with USG Durock™ Brand RH-100™ Moisture Vapor Reducer.