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The Peaks at Telluride Resort and Spa Project Profile

The Peaks at Telluride Resort and Spa is one of the most exclusive resorts in North America. However, the resort's exclusive location in the Colorado mountains offered a unique challenge.

"At 9,500 feet above sea level in Colorado there is very little humidity" said Jeff Olson, managing architect with Pelluchia Olson Architects, "a spa is inherently a high-humidity environment. The moisture in the air naturally tries to seek equilibrium, moving towards areas of lower humidity. In this process, it has the potential to deteriorate building materials on both the interior and exterior of the building." To combat the climatic challenges of the area, a metal-stud and drywall system was put into place and covered with an ice-and-water seal and then added to by a layer of 5/8-inch 4-foot-by-8-foot USG Durock® Cement Board.

The USG Durock® Cement Board does not deteriorate when wet and provided strength against the extreme climate differences this exclusive property endures.

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People Involved

Pellechia Olson Architects Architect

AROK Construction Subcontractor

Project Scope

42,000 square-feet

Special Factors

High humidity of the spa vs. the low humidity of the mountain air could lead to building deterioration.