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United Airlines Reservation Center Project Profile

The airline business is a 24/7 enterprise. When United Airlines decided to replace the roof of its reservation center near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, there was little-to-no room available to disrupt the day's business. Construction crews were required to adhere to a strict timeline, limited budget and tight security, as well as minimize noise so the facility's employees could work through the construction's duration.

To get the job done, roofing contractors chose SECUROCK® Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board for its superior versatility and strength. This all-in-one roof board can be applied with an adhesive, which allowed crews to reduce the noise associated with mechanically fastened screws. Crews also reduced material costs by approximately 10 percent since the board has no facer to delaminate.

The project was completed on time, on budget and installation crews were kept free from skin irritation often caused by traditional fiberglass facer of comparable roof boards. 

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People Involved

Illinois Roofing Roofing Contractor

Project Scope

Large Corporate Office with Close Airport Proximity

Special Factors

Large project. Tight schedule and budget. Enhanced security protocols. Building employees worked during construction requiring noise reduction.