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University of Kansas EcoHawks Engineering Research and Teaching Facility Project Profile

EcoHawks is a program at the University of Kansas School of Engineering that focuses on finding alternative energy for transportation. Due to rapid expansion, the program needed a new facility to showcase its research. The Studio 804 masters program at the University of Kansas is built on a foundation of creating high-quality, innovative and sustainable buildings. Asking its students to work on the design for this project was a natural choice.

Every detail of the project was considered, including the floor.  After much research, DUROCK™ EcoCap™ Self-Leveling Underlayment was chosen for the floor prep because it is manufactured using high-recycled content and reduces carbon footprint by 50% and embodied energy by 45%. 

Students applied the product themselves and were able to see that it was not only sustainable, but required less water, mixed easily, dried quickly and offered superior performance. The EcoHawks facility became another example of designing and constructing high-quality, innovative and sustainable buildings.

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People Involved

Studio 804 graduate students Flooring Applicator

Ron Barnhart, Barnhart Specialty Contracting Flooring Applicator

Tingle Flooring Distributor

Project Scope

Research and teaching facility

Special Factors

sustainable design