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Valley Bank Center Project Profile

While saving on project cost is always a concern regardless of the construction, the economics of labor can be overlooked during installations. To save money, but most importantly project time, contractors hired by the Valley Bank Center chose to install the USG® Cavity Shaft Wall System.

The cavity shaft wall system allowed crews to save valuable time in a number of ways during the Valley Bank Center installation. As a drywall product, the system installs quicker than wet systems and negates the need to wait on dry time. Additionally, the system helps minimize clean up, and drywall components naturally fit together, enabling a quick and easy assembly process. 

Even in low-rise commercial buildings, USG® Cavity Shaft Wall System is setting the standard for its competition.

Main Products Used

Cavity Shaft Wall System

People Involved

Ora B. Hopper & Son Inc. Drywall Contractor

Welton Becket & Associates Project Architect

Henry C. Back Co. General Contractor

Special Factors

Need to observe strict economics of labor.