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Wilderness at the Smokies Project Profile

Wilderness at the Smokies is a resort nestled at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains where 472,000 square feet of USG floor underlayment was installed.  In addition to the Wilderness Events Center Hotel, there are two mid-rise condominium buildings, at the Wilderness-Wyndham Timeshare, that are part of the resort.  The resort was the largest project the floor contractor had ever completed, and the schedule was very aggressive.  

The hotel features USG Levelrock® 2500 Floor Underlayment and USG Levelrock™ SRM-25™ Sound Reduction Mat to reduce noise significantly, which is a great asset for the 234 room hotel. 

The schedule for the condominium buildings called for two to three pours per week, but using USG's Levelrock® CSD® Early Exposure™ Floor Underlayment made it easy to fulfill the requirements. The typical set time for USG's Levelrock® CSD® Early Exposure™ Floor Underlayment is two to three hours.  It normally dries completely in 10 to 14 days versus the 28 days required for poured concrete.  The speed at which the floor underlayment was able to be completed set the pace for keeping the whole project on schedule and the general contractors happy.

People Involved

Craig Laxton, Laxton Tile Inc. Flooring Contractor

Welbro Building Corporation General Contractor

Kraus-Anderson Construction Company General Contractor

Project Scope

472,000 square feet of floor underlayment

234 hotel rooms

151,000 and 177,000 square foot condominium buildings

Special Factors

Huge project with short deadlines.