Airtrol® Geobinder


Spray applied gypsum binder for erosion control Suitable for a variety of water- and wind-induced erosion sites, Airtrol® Geobinder applies faster and with less site preparation than erosion control netting or blankets, requiring only normal seeding surface preparation.

Main Features

Produced from high purity mined gypsum, Airtrol® Geobinderis a mineral based binder which, when mixed with water and mulch and sprayed through hydraulic equipment, sets in a controlled, predictable way to bind soil particles and form an erosion-resistant crust. Airtrol® Geobinderis:

  • Nontoxic, noncombustible, pH neutral and harmless to fish, birds, plants and animals
  • Suitable for all disturbed soil surfaces whether inclined or flat, multiple soil types,landfill final covers, commercial and residential construction, golf course construction, mine reclamation and around water retention ponds
  • Cost-effective; can be used with a wide variety of mulch (cellulose or wood fiber)
  • Helpful in promoting plant growth by providing Calcium and Sulfur, acting as a flocculent for heavy clay soils to increase water penetration to root systems
  • Effective in holding both seed and fertilizer in place in contact with the soil surface and upon degregation over time providing nutrient value to the soil profile

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