Durock™ Fusion™ Primer

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Three-component waterborne epoxy Durock™ Brand Fusion™ Primer is a one-coat waterborne epoxy specially formulated for interior applications as a consolidation primer for dusty compromised gypsum underlayments. Gypsum Underlayment Repair Solutions - Learn More

Main Features

As a consolidation primer for compromised gypsum underlayments, Durock™ Fusion™ Primer reduces surface dust and chalkiness, and increases surface hardness and internal strength of the gypsum matrix to an acceptable level which then allows the application of Durock™ trowelable or Durock™ or Levelrock® pourable products to repair the compromised gypsum underlayment surface. Durock™ Fusion™ Primer:
  • Offers superior penetration and tenacious bond to gypsum underlayments
  • May be applied to freshly poured Levelrock® Brand Floor Underlayments and Durock™ Brand Multi-Use Self-Leveling Underlayment after set as a surface treatment
  • Is low VOC and low odor
  • Provides a fast cure time

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