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Durock™ Brand Shower System

Features a proprietary drain assembly; interchangeable drain grates; a thin, durable membrane; and a high-density pre-sloped shower tray.

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A fully bonded waterproofing system for tiled shower installations. It features a proprietary drain assembly; interchangeable drain grates; a thin, durable membrane; and a high-density pre-sloped shower tray. Components are available in kits or separately.

Main Features

Ideal for both new construction and repair or remodel projects, the Durock™ Brand Shower System is a complete waterproofing system that is more adaptable to job-site conditions and barrier-free friendly.
  • Features pre-sloped foam trays; a thin, pliable, and extremely durable waterproofing membrane; and an easy-to-install drain assembly.
  • Drain assembly kit accepts all sizes/finishes of the Durock™ grates and either ABS or PVC waste lines.
  • Grate assembly can be adjusted vertically to match tile thicknesses from 1/8" to 1" thick, and up to 25% more horizontal adjustment.
  • Includes shower benches in three sizes and shower niches in two sizes.
  • More than 50 different grate options in up to 10 finishes.


Submittal Sheet


  • Mold & Mildew Resistance
    Contains a broad-spectrum antimicrobial additive on the face and back of the panel that provides resistance against the growth of mold and mildew. Includes sag-resistance performance.


Installation Guide Installation Guide

USG Durock™ Brand Shower System

USG Durock™ Brand UltraLight Foam Tile Backerboard

Barrier Free Installation - USG Durock™ Brand Shower System

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q & a

  • What type of thin-set mortar do I use to install the USG Durock™ Shower System?

    Use unmodified thin-set mortar meeting ANSI 118.1 to install the USG Durock™ Shower System.

  • Are the USG Durock™ Shower System grates sold separately?

    Yes. Both the Designer and Pro and Designer Series Grates are sold separately. And with seven designs, two sizes, and more than 10 finishes, the Durock Shower System offers more than 50 grate options to match your decor.

    You can view the full selection in the Durock™ Shower System Grates Brochure.

  • How can the USG Durock™ Shower System waterproofing membrane deliver twice the performance at half the thickness of competitive offerings?

    The USG Durock™ Shower System waterproofing membrane features an oriented HDPE, cross-laminated core that provides strength and tear resistance at much thinner mil thicknesses (0.12 mil), making it the most pliable, user friendly membrane in the industry, with the least amount of buildup at seams. And since it has the lowest perm rating of any load-bearing, bonded waterproofing membrane on the market when tested to ASTM E96 Procedure E (<0.075), it is ideal not only for showers and other wet areas, but for continuous-use residential and commercial steam showers. The USG Durock Shower System waterproofing membrane is one of the strongest, most tear-resistant membranes on the market.

  • What is the difference between the Designer and Pro Series grates for the Durock™ Shower System?

    The Pro Series grates utilize an extremely durable, high impact-resistant, engineering-grade polycarbonate base structure wrapped in stainless steel. All eight finishes are created using a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. This process bonds the finish to the stainless steel at a molecular level and ensures the Pro Series grates will never peel or corrode.

    The Designer Series grates are cut from a solid block of stainless steel or pure copper. Each pattern features a motif that represents a distinctive design. The 3/16"-thick stainless steel is optimized for high strength and corrosion resistance, and the reflective facets around each opening are meticulously crafted to reflect light that is sure to dazzle the eye and impart a luxuriant quality to the most discriminating high-end shower installations.

    We chose to include 3/16"-thick pure copper to our Designer Series offering because we wanted to create an authentic, total rub-through, oil-rubbed bronze (ORB) finish, and copper is the richest substrate for ORB finishes. The copper Designer Series grates employ a process by which ORB patina is applied to enhance the natural beauty and variegation of the copper. Each facet around the openings uniquely reflects the variations hidden in the copper, revealing depth of feeling and imparting a sculptural quality to each grate.

  • Can I upgrade my Pro Series grate to a Designer Series grate after it has been installed?

    Yes. You can upgrade to a Designer Series grate at any time. The USG Durock™ Shower System drain grate tray accepts both the Designer and Pro Series grates.

  • What makes the the USG Durock™ Shower System drain unique?

    The most distinctive trait of the USG Durock™ Shower System Drain Assembly is its innovative, square design, which accepts both 4" and 5" Durock Shower System Designer and Pro Series grates in a single drain body. This geometry allows more lateral adjustment than traditional round-body drains.

    The USG Durock™ Shower System Drain Assembly also features an innovative bushing design — one PVC and one ABS bushing included with drain assembly — that allows for solvent-weld and no-hub connections to 2" or 3" ABS or PVC waste lines. This, combined with the square geometry, makes it the only universal drain on the market.

    Furthermore, unlike competitive offerings, the drain’s integrated bonding flange features a nonwoven fleece on both the top and the bottom of the flange. The fleece on top provides ample surface adhesion for the waterproofing membrane, while the fleece on the underside provides the necessary bonding surface for the mortar that supports the drain assembly. The fleece is co-molded with the ABS drain body to ensure the highest possible permanent bond.

  • What sets the USG Durock™ Shower System apart from other systems on the market?

    The USG Durock™ Shower System is a fully bonded waterproofing system for tiled shower installations, designed to control moisture independently of the tile covering, while creating a solid base for a long-lasting shower. And because it comes from a manufacturer with a reputation for delivering products and systems designed to outshine the competition, you can trust that it will deliver performance superior to other systems on the market

  • What if the USG Durock™ shower tray doesn’t fit the footprint of my shower floor?

    The USG Durock™ shower trays can be cut to size using a utility knife. Ideally, the tray should be cut equally on each side to maintain a level perimeter for the first course of tile. In the event this is not possible, minor differences in the elevation of the perimeter can be built up with thin-set mortar. If the area of the shower floor is larger than the USG Durock shower tray, the area beyond the perimeter of the tray can be extended using dry pack mortar.

  • What type of backerboard do I use behind the USG Durock™ Shower System waterproofing membrane?

    Any code-approved backerboard suitable for use in wet areas (e.g., USG Durock® Cement Board Next Gen or Fiberock™ Aqua-Tough™ backerboard or underlayment panels).

  • What is the material composition of the USG Durock™ Shower System shower trays, shower curb and shower benches?

    The USG Durock™ shower trays, curb and benches are made of 3-pound density expanded polystyrene (EPS), offering greater support for the tile covering in shower applications. And because the shower trays are only 1" thick at the perimeter, barrier-free installations are much easier to construct without unwanted or unnecessary buildup of the surrounding subfloor. All it takes is just a few simple adaptations to wood-framed construction.

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