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500 Landplaster

Premium calcium sulfate (gypsum) "landplaster" source for growers in the Southeast U.S.

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The premium calcium sulfate (gypsum) "landplaster" source for growers in the Southeast U.S.

Variable particle sizes deliver consistent nutrition throughout the growing season.

Main Features

500 Landplasteris a natural gypsum manufactured in variable particle sizes to ensure consistent nutrition from initial pegging through maturity. The smaller particles dissolve readily in the soil and are quickly absorbed by the roots, while the larger pieces supply crops with calcium and sulfur in a time-release fashion that is sustained throughout the growing season.500 Landplaster:
  • Delivers exceptionally high calcium and sulfur content to guarantee best-possible seed quality and germination rates
  • Offers superior flow and spreadability – helping to ensure consistent and even distribution
  • Is much more soluble than lime, enabling calcium to enter the plant more quickly than lime-based products
  • Does not significantly affect soil pH
  • Improves soil structure by minimizing surface crusting
  • Aids water penetration and aeration
  • Is non-toxic and ecologically safe

Documents & Files

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q & a

  • What does gypsum do for my soil?

    Gypsum will provide calcium and sulfur to your soil and won't buffer the pH of your soil like limestone products. Gypsum can also help open air and moisture channels in the soil, improving soil struture and reducing run-off. Gypsum can also act to counter damage caused to plants by salt.

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