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USG Structural Panels Test Data

Physical and Mechanical Properties Test Standard Approximate Values Standard (Metric)
Noncombustibility ASTM E136-12 (unmodified)
Surface-burning characteristics
(flame spread/smoke developed)
Weight (3/4in. [19mm] thickness) ASTM D1037 5.3 lb./ft.2 (26 kg/m2)
Mold resistance ASTM D3273, ASTM G21 10, 0
Termite resistance AWPA Standard E1-13 9.8
Low VOC emissions CDHP/EHLB/Standard Method V1.1-2010a Compliant
Concentrated load ASTM E661 550 lb. (2.45 kN) static 0.108 in. (2.7 mm) max. deflection @ 200 lb. (0.89 kN)
Water absorptionb ASTM C1185, Sec. <15.0%
Linear variation with change in moisture
(25% to 90% relative humididty)
ASTM C1185, Sec. 8 <0.10%

(a) Reference Standard: California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.1, 2010 (Emission testing method for CA Specification 01350).

(b) Absorption measured from equilibrium conditioning followed by immersion in water for 48 hours.