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  • What is the difference between the Designer and Pro Series grates for the Durock™ Shower System?

    The Pro Series grates utilize an extremely durable, high impact-resistant, engineering-grade polycarbonate base structure wrapped in stainless steel. All eight finishes are created using a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. This process bonds the finish to the stainless steel at a molecular level and ensures the Pro Series grates will never peel or corrode.

    The Designer Series grates are cut from a solid block of stainless steel or pure copper. Each pattern features a motif that represents a distinctive design. The 3/16"-thick stainless steel is optimized for high strength and corrosion resistance, and the reflective facets around each opening are meticulously crafted to reflect light that is sure to dazzle the eye and impart a luxuriant quality to the most discriminating high-end shower installations.

    We chose to include 3/16"-thick pure copper to our Designer Series offering because we wanted to create an authentic, total rub-through, oil-rubbed bronze (ORB) finish, and copper is the richest substrate for ORB finishes. The copper Designer Series grates employ a process by which ORB patina is applied to enhance the natural beauty and variegation of the copper. Each facet around the openings uniquely reflects the variations hidden in the copper, revealing depth of feeling and imparting a sculptural quality to each grate.