Compässo™ Elite Perimeter Trims with Island Access Lighting

Available Product Options

colors & finishes: Flat White 050


This Island Accent Lighting option is a completely new way to draw attention to island ceilings by casting light upward at just the right angle and brightness to accentuate the island against the upper ceiling. This is accomplished with unique hardware supplied by USG that adapts perfectly to GE’s low voltage LED Accent lighting. Lighting that was specifically developed for cove lighting. The components are designed to precisely cast the appropriate level and spread of light onto the upper ceiling.

Main Features

  • Creates free-form ceiling islands with uplighting.
  • Accommodates GE’s Accent lighting modules.
  • Available on all engineered Compässo™ Elite designs.
  • Unique flexible track accommodates curved island designs.
  • Proprietary clip attaches to Compässo™ Elite trim and provides cradle track and lights with exact angle for optimal lighting results.
  • Available with Compositions® Decorative Clouds.

Documents & Files

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