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Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor

Durable, non-combustible concrete subfloor panels offering fast installation, structural stability and 1 and 2 hour fire-rated assemblies. Visit for Code Report.


The only noncombustible structural cementitious panel both manufactured and available In the United states. Strong, durable concrete panel Dimensionally stable; panel will not buckle or warp like wood sheathing Installs like wood sheathing; circular saw for cutting, screws for fastening Meets the criteria of ASTM E136 for use in all types of noncombustible construction Made in the USA Evaluation Reports: Progressive Engineering PER - 13067 ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1792 Los Angeles Research Report 25682

Main Features

Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor is a breakthrough in noncombustible construction. Lighter than precast and poured-in-place concrete, Structural Panel Concrete Subfloors’ high compressive and flexural strength enables you to build higher for less, have more design flexibility and keeps projects on a fast track to finish.
  • Fast, dry, one-trade installation.
  • Is dimensionally stable — panels will not swell or delaminate in the presence of moisture.
  • No need to gap the panels
  • Mold-, moisture-, and termite-resistant
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Made in the USA


    • Auditoriums and Gymnasiums
    • Corridors and Hallways
    • Dormitories
    • Guest Rooms and Suites
    • Lobbies and Reception Areas
    • Mechanical Rooms
    • Multi-Family Residential and Condos
    • Stairways and Elevator Shafts
    • Theatres
    • Warehouses


    Installation Guide

    Harbor Hotel Project Profile

    Hampton Inn Project Profile

    Top 10 Tips for Installing USG Structural Panels

    USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor - Wheaton Courthouse Square

    Installing USG Structural Panels Concrete Subfloor

    Modular Project Profile: USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor

    Ease of Working with USG Structural Panels

    Documents & Files

    Data/Submittal Sheets & Specifications

    Data/Submittal Sheet (English) PDF 256.5 KB
    Architectural Specification (English) DOCX 65.2 KB

    Installation & Technical Manuals

    Installation Guide (English)

    SDS, Certifications & Reports

    SDS (French) PDF 116.9 KB
    SDS (English) PDF 113.6 KB


    HPD (English) PDF 102.7 KB

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